Monica Guise, University of Birmingham
Monica Guise
Head of Sustainable Logisitcs
University of Birmingham

Monica Guise is currently responsible for all logistics including transport, global travel, car parking, post and exports; sustainably for the University of Birmingham. The award winning team include one of the most sustainable fleets in the UK and working with the city of Birmingham we are making a real impact on tackling environmental travel and car parking.

30 years of experience in logistics led to Monica being appointed Head of Sustainable Logistics this year for the University of Birmingham. Now responsible for the management and strategic development of all five services the University’s Transport fleet, functions and service offerings have proved the most challenging and rewarding.

Working together with University research departments she has been able to pioneer new initiatives to drive the Green agenda forward introducing more sustainable travel options on behalf of the University in reducing its CO2 footprint and reducing costs. These include the first fleet in the country to run Hydrogen Fuel cell, electric and diesel vehicles concurrently.