Hydrogen for Urban Distribution Vehicles

In partnership with Tevva Electric Trucks

Is hydrogen a reality today for use in urban distribution vehicles? How accessible is it for everyday operators and what supporting infrastructure is in place to enable refuelling? This webinar will show you the potential of using hydrogen in your fleet to significantly enhance the range of electric delivery vehicles, therefore enabling them to travel further and work longer shifts. You’ll also learn from the Department for Transport how it is supporting the UK’s rollout of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure both today and in future years.

Bob Moran, Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy at Department for Transport. Bob will talk about some of the work the government is undertaking on the introduction of a UK-wide hydrogen network.

David Thackray, Director, Tevva Electric Trucks. David will explain how Tevva’s latest hydrogen-fuelled range-extender technology can enable electric delivery vehicles to travel further on the job, therefore extending their use on your urban distribution fleet and providing a viable business case for investment.

Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kuehne Logistics University, will explore the key measures needed to decarbonise urban deliveries, from load optimisation and improved energy efficiency to the switch to low carbon energy sources.